Rudolf Steiner, Lectures on General Anthroposophy

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The lecture cycles and individual lectures given by Rudolf Steiner from the beginning of the 20th century, first within the framework of the Theosophical Society and later for the members of the Anthroposophical Society founded in 1913 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries, form by far the most extensive part of his lecture work. These lectures are published in Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works in their chronological context.

GA (CW) Title[1]
GA 87 Ancient Mysteries and Christianity
GA 88 On the Astral World and the Devachan. Listener's notes from internal lectures, Berlin 1903-1904.
GA 89 Consciousness - Life - Form
GA 90a Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of God I
GA 90b Self-Knowledge and Knowledge of God II
GA 90c Theosophy and Occultism
GA 91 Cosmology and Human Evolution. Introduction to Theosophy - Theory of Colours
GA 92 The Occult Truths of Ancient Myths and Legends
GA 93 The Temple Legend and the Golden Legend
GA 93a Basic Elements of Esotericism.
GA 94 Cosmogony.
GA 95 Before the Gates of Theosophy (Cycle 1)
GA 96 Original Impulses of Spiritual Science. Christian Esotericism in the Light of New Spiritual Knowledge.
GA 97 The Christian Mystery.
GA 98 Natural and Spiritual Beings, their Work in our Visible World.
GA 99 The Theosophy of the Rosicrucian (Cycle 2)
GA 100 Evolution of Humanity and the Knowledge of Christ.
GA 101 Myths and Legends. Occult Signs and Symbols.
GA 102 The Influence of Spiritual Beings on the Human Being.
GA 103 The Gospel of John (Cycle 3)
GA 104 The Apocalypse of John (Cycle 6)
GA 104a From the Picture-Script of the Apocalypse of John.
GA 105 World, Earth and Man, Their Nature and Development (Cycle 4)
GA 106 Egyptian Myths and Mysteries (Cycle 5)
GA 107 Spiritual Science of Man (Cycle A)
GA 108 The Answering of World and Life Questions through Anthroposophy.
GA 109 The Principle of Spiritual Economy in Connection with Questions of Re-embodiment. An Aspect of the Spiritual Guidance of Humanity.
GA 110 Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World. Zodiac, planets, cosmos (Cycle 7)
GA 111 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Theosophy.
GA 112 The Gospel of John in relation to the other three Gospels, especially to the Gospel of Luke (Cycle 8)
GA 113 The Orient in the Light of the Occident. The Children of Lucifer and the Brothers of Christ (Cycle 9)
GA 114 The Gospel of Luke (Cycle 10)
GA 115 Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, Pneumatosophy.
GA 116 The Christ Impulse and the Development of I-Consciousness (Cycle 17)
GA 117 The Deeper Mysteries of Becoming Human in the Light of the Gospels.
GA 118 The Event of the Appearance of the Christ in the Ethereal World.
GA 119 Macrocosm and Microcosm (Cycle 11)
GA 120 The Revelations of Karma (Cycle 12)
GA 121 The Mission of Individual Folk Souls in Connection with Germanic-Nordic Mythology (Cycle 13)
GA 122 The Mysteries of the Biblical Story of Creation. The Six-Day Work in the First Book of Moses (Cycle 14)
GA 123 The Gospel of Matthew (Cycle 15)
GA 124 Excursions into the Area of the Gospel of Mark (Cycle 30)
GA 125 Ways and Aims of the Spiritual Man.
GA 126 Occult History (Cycle 16)
GA 127 The Mission of the New Spiritual Revelation.
GA 128 An Occult Physiology (Cycle OP)
GA 129 World Miracles, Soul Trials and Spiritual Revelations (Cycle 18)
GA 130 Esoteric Christianity and the Spiritual Guidance of Humanity.
GA 131 From Jesus to Christ (Cycle 19)
GA 132 Evolution in Light of the Truth (Cycle 35)
GA 133 The Earthly and the Cosmic Man (Cycle 36)
GA 134 The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit (Cycle 20)
GA 135 Re-embodiment and Karma and their Significance for the Culture of the Present.
GA 136 The Spiritual Beings in the Celestial Bodies and Realms of Nature (Cycle 21)
GA 137 Man in the Light of Occultism, Theosophy and Philosophy (Cycle 22)
GA 138 Of Initiation. Of Eternity and the Moment. Of Spiritual Light and the Darkness of Life (Cycle 23)
GA 139 The Gospel of Mark (Cycle 24)
GA 140 Occult Investigations into the Life between Death and New Birth. The Living Interaction between the Living and the Dead.
GA 141 The Life Between Death and the New Birth in Relation to the Cosmic Facts (Cycle 37)
GA 142 The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of St Paul (Cycle 25)
GA 143 Experiences of the Supersensible. The Paths of the Soul to Christ.
GA 144 The Mysteries of the Orient and Christianity (Cycle 26)
GA 145 The Effect of Occult Development Upon the Self and the Sheaths of Man (Cycle 27)
GA 146 The Occult Foundations of the Bhagavad Gita (Cycle 28)
GA 147 The Secrets of the Threshold.
GA 148 From Akashic Research. The Fifth Gospel (Cycle 38)
GA 149 Christ and the Spiritual World. Of the Search for the Holy Grail (Cycle 31)
GA 150 The World of the Spirit and Its Entering into Physical Existence. The Influence of the Dead into the World of the Living.
GA 151 The Human and the Cosmic Thought (Cycle 33)
GA 152 Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha.
GA 153 Inner Being of Man and Life between Death and New Birth (Cycle 32)
GA 154 How does one acquire an understanding of the spiritual world?
GA 155 Christ and the Human Soul (Cycle 34)
GA 156 Occult Reading and Occult Hearing.
GA 157 Destiny of Men and Destiny of Nations (Cycle 39)
GA 157a Formation of Destiny and Life after Death (Cycle 40)
GA 158 The Connection of Man with the Elementary World.
GA 159 (/GA 160) The Mystery of Death. The Nature and Meaning of Central Europe and the European Folk Spirits.

... will be continued ...


  1. Title in literal English translation.