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The Occult Truths of Ancient Myths and Legends

Die okkulten Wahrheiten alter Mythen und Sagen

Greek and Germanic Mythology. On Richard Wagner's Musical Dramas

Sixteen lectures given in Berlin, Cologne and Nuremberg in the years 1904, 1905 and 1907 (audience notes)


Greek and Germanic mythology. (ten lectures in Berlin): Good and Evil / Reading in the Akashachronik. Wolfram von Eschenbach / Sacramentalism / Germanic Mythology / Reincarnation / The Mysteries of the Druids and Drotts / The Prometheus Saga / The Argonaut Saga / The Siegfried Saga / The Trojan War

Richard Wagner in the Light of Spiritual Science. Four lectures in Berlin from 28 March to 19 May 1905 as well as one lecture each in Cologne on 3 December 1905 (Parzival and Lohengrin) and in Nuremberg on 2 December 1907 (Richard Wagner and his relationship to mysticism).



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