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The Gospel of John in Relation to the Three Other Gospels, Especially to the Gospel of Luke

Das Johannes-Evangelium im Verhältnis zu den drei anderen Evangelien, besonders zu dem Lukas-Evangelium

Fourteen lectures, Kassel 24 June to 7 July 1909 (Cycle 8)

Contents (selection)

The John-Christians / The Akasha Chronicle. The Birth of the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth / The Four-Memberedness of Man / The Hierarchical Beings of our Solar System and the Realms of the Earth / Lucifer and Ahriman and the Realm of the Divine-Spiritual Beings / The Post-Atlantean Initiation Sites. The Baptism of John / The Mysteries of Initiation. The Damascus Event / The Artistic Composition of the Gospel of John / The Earth as the Body of Christ. Paul as the herald of the spirit-living Christ. The seven stages of Christian initiation



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