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Excursus on the Gospel According to St. Mark

Exkurse in das Gebiet des Markus-Evangeliums

Thirteen lectures and an answer to questions. Berlin 17 October 1910 to 10 June 1911 (Cycle 30), Munich 12 December 1910, Hanover 18 December 1910, Koblenz 2 February 1911


On the Research and Communication of Spiritual Truths / Human Soul Life and Higher Knowledge / On the Task of the Fifth Cultural Epoch / The Sign Language of the Macrocosm in the Gospel of Mark / The Two Great Cultural Streams of the Post-Atlantean Period / The Son of God and the Son of Man. The Sacrifice of Orpheus / The Relationship of the Higher Members of the Being to the Physical Body and the Environment / Rhythmic Laws in the Soul-Spiritual Realm. The Gospel of the Consciousness Soul / The Moon Religion of Yahweh and its Reflection in Arabism. The flow of the Buddha-Mercury current into Rosicrucianism / Rosicrucian wisdom in fairy tale poetry / Kyrios - the Lord of the Soul / The secrets of the Gospel of Mark / The voice of Angelos and the language of the Exusiai.



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