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Cosmology and Human Evolution. Introduction to Theosophy - Colour Theory

Kosmologie und menschliche Evolution. Einführung in die Theosophie – Farbenlehre

Private lessons for Marie and Olga von Sivers and Mathilde Scholl from the years 1903 to 1906.

With numerous illustrations and facsimiles of original sketches by Rudolf Steiner, some of which have never been published before.


This volume differs from all other volumes documenting Rudolf Steiner's lectures and esoteric lessons in its personal constellation. These are private esoteric lessons for Marie Steiner-von Sivers and her sister Olga von Sivers as well as a private course for Mathilde Scholl. They are based on notes made after each lesson. In the lessons for the von Sivers siblings, Rudolf Steiner developed a theory of colour and light as well as the basics of modern Western esotericism with the help of theosophical nomenclature.

Mathilde Scholl's elaborations are unique in terms of the stringency of their content and style. Each of the nineteen lessons builds on the previous one. Steiner's starting point is the expansion of the three dimensions to a total of ten. This opens the field for a unique meditative course that is developed up to the Trinity and to a geometric-spiritual conception of matter in order to finally reveal the Christian-esoteric secret of the number Pi.


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