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Occult Reading and Occult Hearing

Okkultes Lesen und okkultes Hören

Eleven lectures, Dornach 3 to 7 Oct., 12 to 26 Dec. 1914, Basel 27 Dec. 1914

Contents (selection)

What does meditation consist of / Becoming one with the signs and spiritual realities of the imaginative world / Our organism as a reflecting apparatus / Inner experiences and moods of the soul as vocalism and consonantism of the spiritual world / Experiencing the world-word. The sevenfold structure of the etheric body and the twelvefold structure of the physical body / Christian Morgenstern / Our astral body in connection with the zodiac and the planets. The art of writing in ancient times. The "black art". Goethe's Theory of Colours / Taste Experiences. Plant therapy. Gestures as an expression of the spiritual life of the world / Memory images and creative imagination. The objective life of thought / Reunion of art, science and religion / The Christmas of the renewed understanding of Christ / The cosmic Christ and the birth of Christ-realisation in us.



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