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Anthroposophy - Psychosophy - Pneumatosophy

Anthroposophie – Psychosophie – Pneumatosophie

Twelve lectures, Berlin 23 to 27 Oct. 1909, 1 to 4 Nov. 1910, 12 to 16 Dec. 1911


Anthroposophy: Anthroposophy in its Position to Theosophy and Anthropology - The Senses of Man / The Structure of the Senses from the Supersensible Being of Man / Higher Senses. Currents of force and formation of organs in the human organism / Formations in the human and animal organisation. Formation of the sense of sound, the sense of concept and pure thinking. The memory.

Psychosophy: The elements of the life of the soul. Judging, love and hatred / The opposites of the forces of human soul life / External and internal sensation. Feelings, aesthetic judgement. Feeling and will / Consciousness. The I-imagination and the power of the I. Goethe and Hegel

Pneumatosophy: Franz Brentano and the Aristotelian Theory of Mind / Truth and Error in the Light of the Spiritual Scientific Path of Knowledge / Imagination and Fantasy. Intuition and Conscience. Their connection in inspiration as fulfilment of being / Man in relation to the development of culture and the laws of nature. The House of the Body. The will to re-embodiment



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