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The Mission of the New Spiritual Revelation - The Christ Event as the Central Point of Earth Evolution

Die Mission der neuen Geistesoffenbarung - Das Christus-Ereignis als Mittelpunktsgeschehen der Erdenevolution

Sixteen individual lectures between 5 January and 26 December 1911 in various cities.


The different ages of human development / The effect of moral qualities on karma / Something about the inner life of the human soul and its relationship to the world / The relationship of the human elements to human development and the course of life. Son of God and Son of Man / Wisdom, Piety and Security of Life / The Work of the Ego on the Child / Of the Influx of Spiritual Knowledge into Life / Ossian and Fingal's Cave / Original Sin and Grace / The Mission of the New Spiritual Revelation / Faith, Love, Hope / Symbolism and Imagination with Reference to the Mystery "The Trial of the Soul" / Christmas - a Festival of Inspiration / The Birth of the Spirit of the Sun as an Earth Spirit / Appendix: The Threefold Call from the Spiritual World (Notes)



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