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At the Gates of Spiritual Science

Vor dem Tore der Theosophie

Fourteen lectures and two answers to questions (listener's notes), Stuttgart 22 August to 4 September 1906 (Cycle 1).

This early and basic lecture cycle gives an overview of the whole field of spiritual science and describes the different paths of training.


The three worlds: the physical, the astral and the spiritual / The life of the soul after death / The Devachan / The work of man in the higher worlds between death and new birth / The education of the child / The effects of the law of karma in human life / Good and evil / The origin of conscience / The evolution of the Earth / The development of man up to the Atlantean period / Cultural epochs of the post-Atlantean period / Occult development / The Oriental and Christian training / The Rosicrucian training. The connection between man and the whole Earth. About the Earth's interior. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions / Answers to questions.



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