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World, Earth and Man

Welt, Erde und Mensch

their essence and development as well as their reflection in the connection between Egyptian myth and contemporary culture.

Eleven lectures, Stuttgart 4 to 16 August 1908 (Cycle 4)

Contents (selection)

Egyptianism and the Present / Ancient Wisdom and New Apocalyptic Wisdom / The Realms of Nature and Spiritual Beings / The Development of Man in Connection with Cosmic Evolution / The Spirits of Form as Regents of Earthly Existence / The Animal Forms as the Solidified Physiognomic Expression of Human Passions / The Connection between Man and the World Bodies


  • Rudolf Steiner: Universe Earth and Man in their Relationship to Egyptian Myths and Modern Civilization. Reprint of the original edition. CW 105. Kessinger Publishing 2010, ISBN 978-1162581132


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