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Occult History

Okkulte Geschichte

Esoteric reflections on the karmic connections of personalities and events in world history. Six lectures, Stuttgart 27 to 31 December 1910, 1 January 1911 (Cycle 16)

With the help of numerous examples Rudolf Steiner shows in this series of lectures "that in the whole process of the historical development of mankind through the various millennia up to our own day, behind all human development and human events there are spiritual beings, spiritual individualities as guides ..."

Contents (selection)

Individualities as Tools of the Ongoing Stream of Human Development. Alexandria and Hypatia / The Deed of the Virgin of Orleans. Scotus Erigena. Gilgamesh and Eabani / The Modification of the Course of Incarnation by the Intervention of Spiritual Forces. Aristotle. The Catharsis through Fear and Pity / The Primordial Language. Cult buildings based on the measurements of heaven and man. The Earth Mission of the Babylonians. Chaldean Mystery Culture. Julian Apostata / The Atlantic Catastrophe and the Impulses of the Year 1250. Ascending and Descending Cycles in Human History. Copernicus. Oberlin / Babylonian Culture. Art, philosophy and folk character of the Greeks. Individuality of Novalis



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