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On the Astral World and the Devachan

Über die astrale Welt und das Devachan

Records of nineteen lectures and four private teaching sessions in Berlin 1903 - 1904.

These are Rudolf Steiner's earliest internal lectures within the framework of the Theosophical Society, transmitted through audience transcripts, in which he takes up the theosophy of the time, but already prepares the basic elements of anthroposophy.


I. On the Astral World

The Mystery of Birth and Death. The higher worlds and man's share in them. The origin and nature of man. The beings of the astral world. Character of astral processes. Kamaloka

II. The World of the Spirit or Devachan

The lower regions of Devachan. The Arupa Realm. The work of hierarchical entities. The passage of the human soul between death and new birth through the devachanic realms. Stages for attaining knowledge of the spiritual world. The human aura. The after-death path of the human soul. Seven regions of the spirit land. On Initiation.

III. Private Lessons

The Solar Logos and the Ten Avatars. The Bhagavad Gita. The First, Second and Third Logos. The Higher Development of Man.

IV. Nine individual lectures (one author's paper, one report and fragmentary listener's notes)



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