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Consciousness - Life - Form

Bewußtsein – Leben – Form

Basic Principles of Spiritual Scientific Cosmology. Transcripts and lectures from the years 1903 - 1906

This volume contains, among other things, an unfinished text (45 pages) which Rudolf Steiner originally intended to add as a final chapter to his "Theosophy" and which is a first precursor of the later "Secret Science", as well as further cosmological remarks.

Contents (selection)

I: Spiritual-scientific Cosmology: Outline for the presentation of spiritual-scientific cosmology. The nature of the Christ as the inverted macrocosmic man. The names of the days of the week and the evolution of man. Theosophical Cosmology. The Planetary Evolution

II: Logosophy - Cosmology: The first, second and third Sonship of God. The Logoi. Evolution and Involution. Being, Life, Consciousness

III: Individual Lectures: On the Kabbalah. Symbols as an Expression of the Primordial Wisdom. On the ten-leaf book



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