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Answering questions about the world and life through anthroposophy

Die Beantwortung von Welt- und Lebensfragen durch Anthroposophie

Twenty-one individual lectures and two question answers between 14 March 1908 and 21 November 1909 in various cities.

In the present volume, member lectures from the years 1908 and 1909 are compiled, touching on various topics of spiritual science: Self-knowledge, after-death life, the Ten Commandments, questions of karma, occult history, Atlantis. Some personalities are considered in terms of spiritual science: Novalis, Nietzsche, Savonarola. In a lecture in Berlin, Rudolf Steiner discusses fairy tales and their interpretation from the point of view of spiritual science. Particularly noteworthy are also the lectures dealing with philosophy, including three on formal logic and the Karlsruhe lecture on the practical training of thinking, in which special exercises are given that can lead to proper thinking.


I. On the higher worlds / What is self-knowledge? / Life between two re-embodiments / The Ten Commandments / The Path of Knowledge. On the inner connection of man with the earth / Questions of the law of karma

II. Novalis and his "Hymns to the Night" / Interpretations of Fairy Tales

III. The Position of Anthroposophy in Philosophy / On Philosophy / Formal Logic / On Philosophy and Formal Logic / The Formation of Concepts and Hegel's Theory of Categories / Practical Training of Thought



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