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Experiences of the Supernatural. The Three Ways of the Soul to Christ

Fourteen individual lectures between 11 January and 29 December 1912 in various cities.


Nervousness and I-ness / The human soul's activities in the course of time / The path of knowledge and its connection with the moral nature of man / Conscience and astonishment as indications of spiritual seeing in the past and future / Reflections of consciousness. Upper Consciousness and Lower Consciousness / Hidden Forces of the Soul Life / The Three Ways of the Soul to Christ (Two Lectures) / The Mysteries of the Realms of Heaven in Parables and in Real Form / Preaching and Heralding the Christ Impulse / On the Synthesis of Worldviews. A Fourfold Heraldship / Love and its Meaning in the World / The Birth of Earthly Light out of the Darkness of the Consecration Night / Novalis as Herald of the Christ Impulse to be Grasped Spiritually



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