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The Gospel of Matthew

Das Matthäus-Evangelium

Twelve lectures, Bern 1 to 12 September 1910 (Cycle 15)

Contents (selection)

The Post-Atlantean Currents of Nations. Iranianism and Turanianism / The Mysteries of Space and Time. The Wisdom of Hermes and Moses / The Ancient Hebrew Knowledge of God. Abraham and Melchisedec / Jeshu ben Pandira and the Essaean Initiation / Seven Numbers and Twelve Numbers. The Reflection of the Cosmic Relationships in the Evolution of Humanity / The Generational Sequence of the Lineage of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke and Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew / The Eightfold Path. The nature of initiation in the pre-Christian Mysteries. Christ, the Fulfilment and the Model of the New Initiation / The Christ Event as Historical Fact. The Initiation of the I / The unique appearance of the Christ in a physical body. The Reappearance of the Christ in the Ethereal / The Confession of Peter. The Son of Man and the Son of the Living God. The leading forth of the disciples into the macrocosm through the Christ / The Christ-being and the two Jesus-babies. The four points of view of the evangelists. The Human in the Gospel of Matthew.



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