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Wonders of the World, Trials of the Soul and Revelations of the Spirit

Weltenwunder, Seelenprüfungen und Geistesoffenbarungen

Ten lectures, Munich 18 to 27 August 1911 (Cycle 18) with a lecture: Our Time and Goethe, 28.8.1911, held in connection with the premiere of the second mystery drama "The Soul's Probation".


The primordial beginning of dramatic art in European cultural life. The Mystery of Eleusis / The living essence of the spiritual world in Greek mythology. The Threefold Hecate / Nature and Spirit. Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto as macrocosmic correspondences of the human envelope nature. A sign of the occult script / Dionysus as representative of the ego forces. The intervention of the Christ impulse in the development of humanity and the effectiveness of the planetary gods / The confluence of the ancient Hebrew and Greek currents in the Christ current. Dionysus Zagreus and the Younger Dionysus / The Dionysian Mysteries / The True Meaning of the Trials of the Soul. Progressive Generations of Gods and Retarded Beings. The Mystery of Golgotha / Eagle, Bull and Lion Current. Sphynx and dove. The emergence of the I-consciousness / The two poles of all tests of the soul. The macrocosmic Christ impulse in the Pauline sense / Our time and Goethe.



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