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The Christian Mystery

Das christliche Mysterium

Notes of thirty-one individual lectures with six question answers between 9 February 1906 and 17 March 1907 in various cities.

Contents (selection)

I. The Truth Language of the Gospels: The Christian Mystery / The Religious World View of the Middle Ages in Dante's "Divine Comedy" / The Gospel of John as a Document of Initiation / The Mystery of Golgotha / The Origin of Religious Creeds and Formulas of Prayer / The Sermon on the Mount / The Lord's Prayer

II. Lucifer and Christ

III. Ancient Esotericism and Rosicrucianism

IV. Insights and Life Fruits of Spiritual Science: The Law of Karma as an Effect of the Life of Deeds - The Causes of Illness and Heredity / The Secret of the Grail in the Work of Richard Wagner / The Inner Life of the Earth / Precious Stones and Metals in Their Connection with the Evolution of the Earth and Humanity / Spiritual Scientific Points of View on the Question of Education / Animal Soul and Human Individuality


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