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The Destinies of Individuals and of Nations

Menschenschicksale und Völkerschicksale

Fourteen lectures, Berlin 1 Sept. 1914 to 6 July 1915 (cycle 39 "Zeitbetrachtungen")

Contents (selection)

Nationalities and Nationalities in the Light of Spiritual Science / On the Nature of the European Folk Souls / The Nature of the Christ Impulse and its Serving Michaelic Spirit / Personal Supersensory / The Three Decisions of the Imaginative Path of Knowledge / The Rhythm of Sleeping and Waking in the Great Process of Development of the World Being / The Formation of the National Character of Various European Peoples by Their Folk Spirits / On the Plastic Group of the Building in Dornach / On the Prophetic Nature of Dreams and the Dreamer or Moon Man. On the Solar and Saturnian man / On the cosmic significance of our sensory perceptions, our thinking, feeling and willing.


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