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Ways and Goals of the Spiritual Man

Wege und Ziele des geistigen Menschen - Lebensfragen im Lichte der Geisteswissenschaft

Fourteen individual lectures between 23 January and 27 December 1910 in various cities.

Contents (selection)

Novalis and Spiritual Science / The Philosophy of Hegel and its Connection with the Present / The Paths and Goals of the Spiritual Man / The Present State of Philosophy and Science / Something about the Rosicrucian Mystery "The Portal of Initiation" / The Wisdom of the Ancient Documents and the Gospels. The Christ Event / Imagination as a Preliminary Stage of Higher Soul Abilities / Questions of Life in the Light of Reincarnation and Karma / The Christmas Festival in the Course of Time / The Time of Yule, the Christmas Symbols and the World-Historical Mood of Anthroposophical Imagination



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