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The Mystery of Death

Das Geheimnis des Todes

Fifteen individual lectures between 31 Jan. and 19 June 1915 in various cities.

Contents (selection)

The passage of man through the gate of death - a transformation of life / Spiritual science and the riddles of death / Deeper connections in European history / The intervention of the Christ impulse in historical events / Moral impulses and their results. The relationship of the European peoples to their folk spirits / The occult basis of the Christmas festival. The meaning of sacrificial deaths / War, a disease process. Central Europe and the Slavic East / Contemporary Spirits and Folk Spirits / Central Europe between East and West / Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman / The Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe / Commonality Above Us, Christ in Us / Experiences of Man after Passage through the Gate of Death / The Cognitive Overcoming of Death.



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