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From Jesus to Christ

Eleven lectures, including an introductory public lecture, Karlsruhe 4 to 14 October 1911 (Cycle 19).


"These lectures are intended to create an idea of the Christ event, in so far as it is connected with its historical appearance: with the revelation of the Christ in the personality of Jesus of Nazareth. So many questions of spiritual life are connected with this question that we shall be able, precisely because the theme has been chosen in this way, to take a wide view of the field of spiritual science and its mission ... On the other hand, we shall have the opportunity to learn to recognise that which is the content of religion and as such must be intended for the general human public, in its relationship to that which deeper sources of spiritual life, what the occult sources, the sources of secret science, know to tell us about that which must underlie all religious and world-view striving". (Rudolf Steiner)



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