Rudolf Steiner, Works 1884-1925

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The written works composed by Rudolf Steiner form the actual foundation of anthroposophy and the surest starting point for its conscientious elaboration. They contain the epistemological and methodological prerequisites for everything that has been deepened and extended in various directions in the Lectures through the spoken word.

GA (CW) Title
GA 1 Introductions to Goethe's Natural Scientific Writings (1884 - 1897)
GA 1a-e Goethe's Natural Scientific Writings
GA 1f Editorial Epilogues to Goethe's Scientific Writings in the Weimar Edition (1891-1896)
GA 2 Outline of an Epistemology Implicit in the Goethean World View. With Particular Reference to Schiller
GA 3 Truth and Science
GA 4 The Philosophy of Freedom
GA 4a Documents on the "Philosophy of Freedom"
GA 5 Friedrich Nietzsche, a fighter against his time
GA 6 Goethe's World View
GA 7 Mysticism in the Rise of Modern Spiritual Life and its Relationship to the Modern Worldview
GA 8 Christianity as a Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity
GA 9 Theosophy
GA 10 How does one attain knowledge of the higher worlds?
GA 11 From the Akasha Chronicle
GA 12 The Stages of Higher Knowledge
GA 13 The Occult Science in Outline
GA 14 Four Mystery Dramas
GA 15 The Spiritual Guidance of Man and Mankind
GA 16 A Path to the Self-Knowledge of Man. In Eight Meditations
GA 17 The Threshold of the Spiritual World. Aphoristic Remarks
GA 18 The Riddles of Philosophy in its History as Outline Presented
GA 20 On the Riddle of Man
GA 21 Of Riddles of the Soul
GA 22 Goethe's Spirituality in its Revelation through his "Faust" and through the Fairy Tale of the Serpent and the Lily
GA 23 The Key Points of the Social Question
GA 24 Essays on the Threefolding of the Social Organism and on the Contemporary Situation 1915 - 1921
GA 25 Three Steps of Anthroposophy. Cosmology, Religion and Philosophy
GA 26 Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts
GA 27 Fundamental Principles for an Extension of the Art of Healing according to Spiritual-Scientific Knowledge
GA 28 The Story of My Life