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The Threshold of the Spiritual World

Die Schwelle der geistigen Welt

In this book, supersensible insights into the nature of man and the world are given in aphoristic form. The presentations have the character of meditation contents, which can lead to a "truly inner soul work".


Introductory Remarks
I: Concerning the Reliance which may he placed on Thinking
II: Concerning Knowledge of the Spiritual World
III: Concerning Mans Etheric Body and the Elemental World
IV: Summary of the Foregoing
V: Concerning Reincarnation and Karma
VI: Concerning the Astral Body and the Luciferic Beings
VII: Summary of the Foregoing
VIII: Concerning the Guardian of the Threshold
IX: Concerning the Ego-Feeling and the Human Soul's Capacity for Love
X: Concerning the Boundary between the Physical World and Supersensible Worlds
XI: Concerning Beings of the Spirit-Worlds
XII: Concerning Spiritual Cosmic Beings
XIII: The First Beginnings of Mans Physical Body
XIV: Concerning Mans Real Ego
XV: Summary of Part of the Foregoing
XVI: Remarks on the Connection of what is in this Book with Accounts in Theosophy and Occult Science



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