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Goethe's Spirit in its Revelation through his "Faust" and through the Fairy Tale of the Serpent and the Lily

Goethes Geistesart in ihrer Offenbarung durch seinen «Faust» und durch das Märchen von der Schlange und der Lilie


Goethe's "Faust" as an Image of his Esoteric World View (1902)

Goethe's Spirituality in its Revelation through his "Faust" (1918)

Goethe's Spirituality as Revealed by His "Fairy Tale of the Green Serpent and the Lily" (1899/1918)


  • Rudolf Steiner: Goethe's Standard of the Soul. As Illustrated in Faust and in the Fairy Story of "The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily." Translated from the German by D. S. Osmond. Anthroposophical Press, New York City 1925


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