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A Road to Self-Knowledge - In eight meditations

Ein Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis des Menschen - In acht Meditationen



„The aim of this work is to give spiritual-scientific insights into the nature of the human being. The presentation is kept in such a way that the reader may grow into what is presented, so that in the course of reading it becomes a kind of soliloquy. If this soliloquy takes place in such a way that previously hidden forces are revealed, which can be awakened in every soul, then the reading leads to a real inner work of the soul. And this can gradually see itself urged towards soul-transformation, which truly transfers into the vision of the spiritual world. For this reason, what has been communicated has been given in the form of eight meditations which can really be carried out. If this is done, they can be suitable to convey to the soul through its own inner deepening what is spoken of in them [...]

It must only be observed that the experiences which can be made in such a way as they are described here, must take an individual form with an individual soul, according to its special character. It has been endeavoured to do justice to this fact, so that one can also imagine that what is described was exactly lived through by a particular soul in the way it is presented. (The title is therefore: "A Road to Self-Knowledge.") For this very reason the Scripture can serve to help other souls to live into what has been described and to reach the corresponding goals. Thus this writing is also a supplement and extension of what is found in my book "How to attain knowledge of the higher worlds"“ (Lit.:GA 6, p. 7f)


The meditator tries to gain a true conception of his physical body.


The meditator tries to gain a true conception of the elementary or etheric body.


The meditator tries to form an idea about the clairvoyant knowledge of the elementary world.


The meditator tries to form an idea of the "Guardian of the Threshold".


The meditator tries to form an idea of the astral body.


The meditator tries to form an idea of the "I-body", or "thought-body".


The meditator tries to form ideas about the nature of experience in supersensible worlds.


The meditator tries to form a conception of the seeing of the repeated earth-lives of man



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