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Fundamentals of Therapy

Grundlegendes für eine Erweiterung der Heilkunst nach geisteswissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen

This book, addressed to doctors, is a fundamental presentation of a healing system fertilised and expanded by anthroposophy, according to whose guidelines anthroposophical medical work is carried out throughout the world today. It discusses an extension of the art of healing through spiritual knowledge. The authors had no thought of underrating the scientific medicine of their time. Their aim was to supplement the science already in existence by the illumination that can flow, from a true knowledge of the spirit, toward a living grasp of the processes of illness and of healing. Their purpose was to bring into new life, not the instinctive habit of the soul which still existed in the mysteries of ancient time, but a method of research corresponding to the fully evolved consciousness of modern man, which can be lifted into spiritual regions.


I. True knowledge of the human being as the basis of medical art
II. Why does man fall ill?
III. The phenomena of life
IV. The nature of the sentient organism
V. Plant, animal, human being
VI. Blood and nerve
VII. The nature of healing effects
VIII. Activities in the Human Organism. Diabetes mellitus
IX. The role of protein in the human body and albuminuria
X. The role of fat in the human organism and the deceptive local symptom complexes
XI. The formation of the human body and gout
XII. Structure and secretion of the human organism
XIII. On the nature of illness and healing
XIV. Of the Therapeutic Way of Thinking
XV. The Cure
XVI. Knowledge of remedies
XVII. Knowledge of substances as the basis of knowledge of remedies
XVIII. Curative Eurythmy
XIX. Characteristic Cases of Disease
XX. Typical Remedies



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