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Documents on the "Philosophy of Freedom

Facsimile of the first edition 1894 with the handwritten entries for the new edition 1918 and further materials.

This volume contains all the surviving material on Rudolf Steiner's "Philosophy of Freedom" from the archives of the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung. The core of the edition is the facsimile of the surviving pages 103 to 242 (end) of Rudolf Steiner's printed version, in which he had entered his corrections, additions, deletions and reworkings for the new edition in 1918. Further facsimiles of manuscript leaves, the complete reprint of Eduard von Hartmann's critical marginal notes as well as the reproduction of almost 30 advertisements and reviews and a chronicle of the "Philosophy of Freedom" make this supplementary volume a valuable working tool that gives a comprehensive insight into the author's "workshop".



References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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