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The Architects' House in Berlin, Wilhelmstraße 92/93, where Rudolf Steiner gave many public lectures.

With the dawn of the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner began "to share publicly what anthroposophy contains as knowledge of the spiritual world". Recognising the signs of the times, he broke with the old tradition according to which esoteric knowledge could only be passed on in special places to a few personalities who had been prepared for it, and held many hundreds of public lectures in Germany and other European countries until the end of his life.

„I saw myself confronted with the conditions of the spiritual life of the present. In the face of these, secrecy, as it was a matter of course in older times, is an impossibility. We live in the time that wants publicity where any knowledge appears.“ (Lit.:GA 28, p. 389)

GA (CW) Title[1]
GA 51 On Philosophy, History and Literature.
The Berlin Public Lecture Series ("Architects' House Lectures")
GA 52 Spiritual Doctrine of the Soul and View of the World
GA 53 Origin and Goal of Man. Basic Concepts of Spiritual Science.
GA 54 The World Riddles and Anthroposophy.
GA 55 The Knowledge of the Supersensible in our Time and its Significance for Today's Life.
GA 56 The Knowledge of the Soul and the Spirit.
GA 57 Where and how to find the Spirit?
GA 58 Metamorphoses of the Life of the Soul, vol.1, Nine Lectures, Berlin 1909.
GA 59 Metamorphoses of the Life of the Soul, vol.2, Nine Lectures, Berlin 1910
GA 60 Answers of Spiritual Science to the Great Questions of Existence
GA 61 Human history in the light of spiritual research.
GA 62 Results of Spiritual Research
GA 63 Spiritual Science as a Life Good
GA 64 From Destiny-Bearing Times
GA 65 From Central European Spiritual Life
GA 66 Spirit and Substance, Life and Death
GA 67 The Eternal in the Human Soul
Public lectures outside Berlin and university courses
GA 68a On the Essence of Christianity
GA 68b The Cycle of Man within the World of Sense, Soul and Spirit
GA 68c Goethe and the Present
GA 69a Truths and Errors of Spiritual Research. Spiritual Science and the Future of Man
GA 69b Knowledge and Immortality
GA 69c New Christ-Experience
GA 69d Death and Immortality in the Light of Spiritual Science
GA 69e Spiritual Science and the Spiritual Goals of Our Time
GA 70a Human Soul, Destiny and Death
GA 72 Freedom, Immortality, Social Life
GA 73 The Complementation of Present-day Sciences by Anthroposophy
GA 73a Specialised Sciences and Anthroposophy
GA 74 The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.
GA 75 The Relationship of Anthroposophy to Natural Science. Foundations and Methods
GA 76 The Fructifying Effect of Anthroposophy on the Disciplines.
GA 77a The Tasks of Anthroposophy in Relation to Science and Life
GA 77b Art and Anthroposophy
GA 78 Anthroposophy, its Roots of Knowledge and Fruit of Life
GA 79 The Reality of the Higher Worlds
GA 80a The Essence of Anthroposophy
GA 80b The Inner Nature and the Essence of the Human Soul
GA 80c Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and the Great Questions of Civilisation of the Present Day
GA 81 Impulses for Renewal in Culture and Science. Berlin University Course.
GA 82 So that the Human Being becomes fully Human.
GA 83 Western and Eastern World Contradictions. Ways to their Understanding through Anthroposophy.
GA 84 What did the Goetheanum want and what should Anthroposophy do?


  • Rudolf Steiner: The Story of My Life, Authorised Translation Edited by H. Collison, CW 28, Anthroposophical Publishing Co., London 1928


References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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  1. Title in literal English translation.