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Metamorphoses of the Soul Life - Paths of Soul Experiences. Volume 2 (1910)

Metamorphosen des Seelenlebens – Pfade der Seelenerlebnisse. Zweiter Teil (1910)

Nine lectures, Berlin 20 January to 12 May 1910.


Spiritual Science and Language / Laughter and Crying / What is Mysticism? / The Essence of Prayer / Illness and Healing / The Positive and the Negative Man / Error and Insanity / The Human Conscience / The Mission of Art


  • Rudolf Steiner: Metamorphoses of the Soul, Paths of Experience. Vol. II. 2nd edition. Translated by Charles Davy and C. & I. Von Arnim. Rudolf Steiner Press 1983. ISBN 0-85440-415-5


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