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The Reality of the Higher Worlds. Introduction to Anthroposophy

Die Wirklichkeit der höheren Welten - Einführung in die Anthroposophie

Eight lectures, Kristiania (Oslo) 25 November to 2 December 1921.

In these lectures, given at the invitation of various public associations, Rudolf Steiner presented the most important foundations of anthroposophically oriented spiritual science without any presuppositions. Thus these lectures can indeed be regarded as an "introduction to anthroposophy" and provide an answer to the question: What is anthroposophical spiritual science and what knowledge about the human being and the great questions of our time can it give us?


The reality of the higher worlds. The free spiritual life and the spiritual situation of the present / Ways to the knowledge of higher worlds / Foundations of anthroposophy / The development of the world in the light of anthroposophy / The necessity of a cultural renewal / Jesus or Christ / The cardinal question of economic life.



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