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Western and Eastern World Contradictions - Ways to their Understanding through Anthroposophy

Westliche und östliche Weltgegensätzlichkeit - Wege zu ihrer Verständigung durch Anthroposophie

Ten lectures given at the Second International Congress of the Anthroposophical Movement in Vienna from 1 to 12 June 1922 (West-East Congress).


Anthroposophy and the sciences: Anthroposophy and Natural Science / Anthroposophy and Psychology / Anthroposophy and World Orientation (East-West in History) / Anthroposophy and World Development (From the Geographical Point of View) / Anthroposophy and Cosmology.

Anthroposophy and Sociology: The Time and its Social Demands / The Time and its Social Shaping (Atlantic and Pacific Culture) / The Time and its Social Shortcomings (Asia - Europe) / The Time and its Social Hopes (Europe - America) / The Key Points of the Social Question

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