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Anthroposophy, its roots of knowledge and fruits for life

Anthroposophie, ihre Erkenntniswurzeln und Lebensfrüchte

Eight lectures, Stuttgart 29 August to 6 September 1921, at a public congress "Cultural Outlooks of the Anthroposophical Movement". With an introduction on agnosticism as a corrupter of genuine humanity.

Contents (selection)

The nature of agnosticism / Historical roots of knowledge of anthroposophy. The contemplation of Goethe's thought / The experience of freedom and the causal explanation / Nietzsche's tragedy of the soul. Haeckel's monism / Imaginative cognition and the life in memory. From objective cognition through imagination and inspiration to cosmic intuition / Causal explanation of nature and moral world order / The human organism and a medicine fertilised by the humanities.



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