Crown chakra

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Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

The thousand-petalled lotus flower, the crown chakra or parietal chakra (Sanskritसहस्रार Sahasrāra "the thousandfold"), is the uppermost of the seven main soul organs of perception in the human astral body. It is located near the pineal gland and manifests in the head aura. In every human being a current of etherised blood rises from the heart to the head and plays around and illuminates the pineal gland. These etheric forces penetrate the brain and radiate even beyond the head; with sufficient strength, as can be attained through spiritual training, this appears to the imaginative eye as a halo.

According to the findings of the German mystic and Jakob Böhme disciple Johann Georg Gichtel, the crown chakra is related to the Saturn sphere. According to modern yoga teachings, its colour is violet.

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