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Earthly Death and Worldly Life. Anthroposophical Gifts for Life. Necessities of Consciousness for the Present and the Future

Erdensterben und Weltenleben. Anthroposophische Lebensgaben. Bewußtseins-Notwendigkeiten für Gegenwart und Zukunft

Twenty-one lectures given in Berlin between January 22 and August 6, 1918 (Cycle 48, 49, 50).

Contents (selection)

Earthly Death and Worldly Life:

The Relationship of Spiritual Science to the Tasks of the Time / The Human Form and the Inner Being of Man / Waking and Sleeping / The Connection of the Living with the Dead / Of the Connection of Man with the Spiritual World. Fate and the subconscious / Trust in life and spiritual rejuvenation.

Anthroposophical Gifts for Life:

The souls of the nations and the Mystery of Golgotha / The relativity of knowledge and spiritual cosmology / The eternal and the imperishable / Thoughts on life and death / Spiritual science, life practice and soul determinations.

Necessities of Consciousness for the Present and the Future:

States of Consciousness - The Dornach Building / East and West / History and Repeated Earth Lives / Human Beings and Human Evolution



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