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Amshaspands or Amesha Spenta (Avestan: Ameša Spenta "immortal saints" or "healers") are, according to Persian tradition, spiritual beings who populate the upper astral plane and are essentially comparable to the Archangels of the Christian doctrine of hierarchy. They are the immediate followers of Ahura Mazda, whose various attributes are revealed through them. To his left are the male Amshaspands, to his right the female Amshaspands. There are 12 Amshaspands, but only 6 or 7 of them reveal themselves, while the others are hidden. They find their outer expression in the zodiac. They are thus also connected with the sublime zodiacal beings, the Cherubim. They are lords of the forces of nature, of the six elements (fire, metals, earth, water, plants, animals) and regulate the course of the year, with one of the six non-hidden Amashaspands taking the lead for a month in turn. Their immediate servants are the Izards, of which there are 28 to 31 groups, and their ahrimanic counterparts are the Daevas.


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