Earth (element)

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Alchemical Symbol of earth

Earth (Greekγη ge; Latinterra; Hebrewאֶרֶץ äräz or יָבֵשׁ jabascha "the dry"), the earth element, is, according to the occult view, the densest and most immobile of the four elements that build up the physical world. It thus corresponds to the solid state of matter. Characteristic of the earth element is its continuous crystalline structure. Glassy amorphous solids, on the other hand, even though they are often harder than some crystals, are assigned to the liquid water element.

The earth element did not yet exist in earlier embodiments of our planetary system; in the course of world evolution it only came into being at a certain stage of development of our present Earth at the same time as the life ether.

In the solid earth element, the elementary beings of the solid, the gnomes, work as active masters of nature.