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The intellectual or mind soul (Hebrewרוח Ruach "air, wind"; linguistically related to "smoke", but also to "odour, smell"; GermanVerstandes- oder Gemütsseele) is a part of the human soul and lives in the interplay of mind and spirit. In it, the I appears as the centre of the soul and permeates it with the light of thinking. In development, it is preceded by the sentient soul.

„What we call the sentient soul can be there in life without being much penetrated by thinking [...] Man has developed out of this sentient soul, he has risen to heights, he has penetrated this sentient soul with his thinking and with the feeling guided by thinking. And in this intellectual or mind soul, which we have mentioned as the second member, we have not to look for that vague feeling which rises as if from the depths, but the feeling which gradually allows itself to be flowed through by the inner light of thought. At the same time we have to see in this intellect or mind soul that out of which gradually appears what we call the human I; that centre in our soul which can lead to the actual self, which makes it possible for us to cleanse and purify and process the qualities of our soul from within, so that we become master and leader and guide within our impulses of will, within our life of feeling and thought.“ (Lit.:GA 58, p. 119f)

The wisdom-filled etheric body formed the first disposition to the mind soul. This wisdom was imprinted into the human being by the spirits of wisdom towards the end of the old lunar evolution (Lit.:GA 13, p. 212). During the subsequent evolution of the Earth it first came forth when, in the polar period, the earth, which was then still united with the Sun and Moon, condensed to the state of air (Lit.:GA 13, p. 223). Just as warmth had kindled the inner life in man, so the air surrounding him now excited the spiritual tone in him. A part of the life ether condensed into the sound ether. The stimulators of the soul of understanding are the Mercury beings (Lit.: GA 98, p. 198, GA 102, p. 59f).


References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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