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Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

The sixteen-petalled lotus flower, the so-called throat chakra (Sanskritविशुद्ध Viśuddha "the purifying"), is one of the seven main soul organs of perception in the human astral body. It is located in the region of the larynx and conveys above all inspired cognition, i.e. it is the actual sense of inspiration. It is preferentially activated when, in the course of spiritual training, the intellectual or mind soul is transformed into the inspirational soul. In the modern Rosicrucian path of spiritul training, on which anthroposophy is also oriented, it is brought into activity at an early stage together with the 2-petalled lotus flower, the brow chakra. The Noble Eightfold Path given by the Buddha as the core of his teaching serves the proper training of the throat chakra.

„The spiritual sense organ, which is located near the larynx, makes it possible to see through clairvoyantly the way of thinking of another soul being, it also allows a deeper insight into the true laws of natural phenomena.“ (Lit.:GA 10, p. 118)

According to the findings of the German mystic and Jakob Böhme disciple Johann Georg Gichtel, the throat chakra is related to the Mars sphere. According to modern yoga teachings, its colour is blue.

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