Inspirational soul

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Transformation of the soul members through spiritual training.

Through spiritual training, the intellectual or mind soul is gradually transformed into the inspirational soul or inspired soul.

In intellectual activity today, self-thinking has long since replaced the perception of ideas, as was still possible in Greco-Latin times, especially with Plato. On the path of spiritual training, this self-thinking must be overcome again. If this succeeds, the intellectual soul opens itself to the inspirations of higher spiritual beings. The intellectual soul is thereby transformed into the inspirational soul. Since the intellectual or mind soul is formed through the unconscious work of the I on the etheric body, this is further transformed in a significant way through the transformation of the intellectual soul into the inspirational soul.

„Then we know from the descriptions of the past days that thinking itself must also be transformed, which is preferably formed in the intellectual or mind soul. We have heard how thinking must more and more refrain from developing its own thoughts, how the human personality must more and more suppress self-thinking. When man succeeds in suppressing what he has made of his intellectual or mind soul in his ordinary life, then inspiration takes the place of what lives in man as ordinary thinking, as understanding and also as ordinary mind-life for the physical plan, there the intellectual or mind soul is transformed into the inspirational or inspired soul. The inspired works of culture have been inspired into the transformed intellectual soul.“ (Lit.:GA 145, p. 177)

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