Rudolf Steiner, Lectures on Social Life and the Threefolding of the Social Organism

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Rudolf Steiner's suggestions for a reorganisation of social life during and after the First World War go far beyond the fierce ideological and political debates of the time. Based on a comprehensive critique of the parliamentarism and centrally controlled unitary state of the time, he develops the "threefold structure of the social organism" with a legal life that upholds the principle of equality, a free spiritual life and an economic life oriented towards fraternity.

GA (CW) Title[1]
GA 328 The Social Question
GA 329 The Liberation of the Human Being as the Basis for a Social Reorganisation
GA 330 Reorganisation of the Social Organism
GA 331 Workers' councils and socialisation.
GA 331a Workers' councils in the sense of the threefold social organism.
GA 331b Cultural councils and socialisation. Council organisation in the sense of the threefolding of the social organism.
GA 332a Social Future
GA 332b On Social and Economic Questions of the Present.
GA 333 Freedom of thought and social forces
GA 334 From the unitary state to the threefold social organism
GA 335 The Crisis of the Present and the Path to Healthy Thinking
GA 336 The Great Questions of the Time and Anthroposophical Spiritual Knowledge
GA 337a Social Ideas - Social Reality - Social Practice. Volume I: Question and Study Evenings of the Federation for the Threefolding of the Social Organism in Stuttgart.
GA 337b Social Ideas - Social Reality - Social Practice. Volume II: Discussion evenings of the Swiss Federation for the Threefolding of the Social Organism.
GA 338 How to Work for the Impulse of the Threefolding of the Social Organism?
GA 339 Anthroposophy, Social Threefolding and the Art of Speech
GA 340 National Economic Course. Tasks of a New Economic Science, Volume I
GA 341 National Economic Seminar. Tasks of a New Economic Science, Volume II
References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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  1. Title in literal English translation.