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National Economic Course. Tasks of a New Economic Science, Volume I

Nationalökonomischer Kurs. Aufgaben einer neuen Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Band I

Fourteen lectures for students of national economy, Dornach 24.7. to 6.8.1922.

Contents (selection)

On the Origin of National Economics / The Formation of Prices. The three factors of production: Nature, labour, capital / Integration of labour into social life. Division of labour. / Money economy and money capital / The economic process as a cycle / The formula of the "right price". Paying, Lending, Giving / The Price of Land / Capital Shifting through Buying, Lending, Giving / Reciprocity in the Economic Process. Interest / Private economy, national economy, world economy / Purchase money, loan money, gift money. Ageing of Money / Intellectual Achievements and Physical Work



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