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How to Work for the Impulse of the Threefolding of the Social Organism?

Wie wirkt man für den Impuls der Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus?

Two training courses for speakers and active representatives of the threefolding idea. Twelve lectures and an answer to questions, Stuttgart 1921, with notes on the courses (facsimile).

„Be clear with yourselves about this: if these two preconditions are not met [love for the cause and love for humanity], or if they are replaced by some other force such as ambition or vanity, you will still be able to deliver very logical speeches to people; you will be able to speak very cleverly, however you will not be able to achieve anything.“


The "Course for Speakers" (12 to 17 February 1921) gives suggestions for the structure of a speech, but focuses on an introduction to the ideas of the "Threefolding of the Social Organism". Steiner held the "Training Course for Upper Silesians" (1 and 2 January 1921) on the basis of an enquiry as to how the forthcoming vote on the state affiliation of Upper Silesia should be viewed from the basic ideas of threefolding.


  • Rudolf Steiner, Christopher Bamford (Introduction), Rory Bradley (Translator): Communicating Anthroposophy: The Course for Speakers to Promote the Idea of Threefolding. CW 338. SteinerBooks 2015. ISBN 978-1621481256


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