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The term race (also subspecies), which is no longer used scientifically today, especially in relation to humans, refers to a classification of the members of a species according to certain phenotypical characteristics, in humans in particular according to differences in skin pigmentation that can primarily be observed phenomenologically, body size, hair and eye colour, as well as nose, head and body shapes, epicanthic fold (epicanthus medialis) and individual physiological factors such as heat regulation, sweat production, lactose intolerance and certain blood characteristics, which still play a role in forensics today. Psychological differences were also highlighted again and again. Many of these traits, resulting mainly from adaptation to different climatic conditions, are readily visible and, on superficial inspection, appear to be relatively homogeneous within each continent, giving the erroneous impression of "pure races". In fact, the characteristics vary considerably even within a "race" and the transition to other "races" is quite fluid.



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