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The Spiritual Background of the First World War. Cosmic and Human History, Vol. VII

Die geistigen Hintergründe des Ersten Weltkrieges. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band VII

Sixteen lectures, Stuttgart 30 Sept. 1914; 13, 14 Feb., 22 to 24 Nov. 1915; 12, 15 March 1916; 11, 13, 15 May 1917; 23, 24 Feb., 23, 26 April 1918, and 21 March 1921.

Contents (selection)

Understanding the Fates of Nations through the Folk Soul Cycle. The war as a teacher of spirituality / Occult backgrounds to the events of the war. The appearance of the Christ in etheric form. The abandonment of Central Europe / Significance of the many war deaths / Soul experiences after death / The mysteriousness of death. The work of the prematurely deceased in the spiritual world / Traits of the Russian people. Central European and Anglo-Saxon Occultism / The Formation of our Next Incarnation / The Necessity of Materialism. The Discipleship of Humanity / Rhythms of Life. The Loss of Spiritual Consciousness / Intercourse with the Souls of the Deceased. The Participation of the Dead in Historical Development / The Significance of the Year 1879. Wilson / Sensuous Realities as Creations of the Spirit. The living influence of Goethe in spiritual science / The question of war guilt. The Memoirs of Moltke



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