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Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam, fresco in the Sistine Chapel, between 1508 and 1512

Adam (Hebrewאדם adam "the one taken from the earth", "human being"[1] from אֲדָמָה adamah "earth, dust, soil, arable land"[2]) and Eve (Hebrewחוה chawah "the animate one", the "life-giver", the "mother of the earth") were, according to the creation account of Genesis, the first human couple, which, however, must not be imagined in the form of two physically embodied single human beings. This is also suggested today by population genetics, especially by studies concerning the Y-chromosomal Adam and the mitochondrial Eve, which show that such an original physical human couple probably never existed. Rather, Adam and Eve represent the group spirit and the group soul of nascent humanity.

Yahweh and Eve

It is no coincidence that the words Yahweh (Hebrewיהוה YHWH) and Eve (חוה) are related. Eve, as the great Earth Mother, is contained in Jahve as the sum of all that came over through the Old Saturn, Sun and Moon evolution, where the basis for the physical body, the etheric body and the astral body of man were created. It was only on Earth that the I came along, represented by the Yodh in the name "Yahweh".

„If one sums up in its natural aspect all that has been brought along from the development of Saturn, the Sun and the Moon for the development of the Earth, it meets us in ancient Hebrew symbolised in Eve. Eve - the vowels are never clearly named in Hebrew - Eve! Add to this the sign for that divine entity of ancient Hebrew antiquity, which is the controller of the earth's destinies, and you have a form that is as correct as any other: Jeve-Yahweh, the ruler of the earth who has his symbol in the Moon. Connected with what has come over from the evolution of the Moon, with the result of the evolution of the Moon for the evolution of the Earth: the Earth Lord, connected with the Earth Mother, who in her powers is a result of the evolution of the Moon . . . Yahweh! The mysterious connection of the lunar forces, which have left their remnants in the Moon, which appears astronomical to us, and which have left their human forces in the female element of human existence, has thus come over from ancient Hebrew times. The connection of the Earth Lord with the Moon Mother comes to us already in the name Jahve.“ (Lit.:GA 149, p. 97f)


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