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Old Sun, painting by F. Heinrich

The Old Sun, not to be confused with our present Sun, was according to Rudolf Steiner the second embodiment of our Earth or our entire planetary system. The Old Sun was preceded by the Old Saturn, a pure heat world, and followed by the Old Moon. The old solar world is occasionally also called the Cosmos of Strength. (Lit.:GA 104, p. 169) Its development was guided by the Spirits of Wisdom. The highest regent of the sun's development was the Christ. The light ether and the air element arose on the Old Sun. The world mission of the Old Sun was to form the etheric body of man and to make feeling possible inwardly from the outflowing element of wisdom. (Lit.:GA 121, p. 86ff) The Old Sun development is also called the second day of creation: Dies Solis = Sun Day (= Sun God, for Dies and Deus are of the same origin). (Lit.:GA 99, p. 93ff)


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