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Mystery sites of the Middle Ages

Mysterienstätten des Mittelalters

Ten lectures, Dornach 4 to 13 January and 19 to 22 April 1924.


I. Mystery sites of the Middle Ages. Rosicrucianism and modern initiation principle

The Exploration of Spiritual Life in the Middle Ages / Hidden Mystery Sites of the Middle Ages / The Foundation of Rosicrucianism. The Sacrifice of Star-Knowledge and the Impulse to Freedom / The Dawn of the Michael Age / Secret Teachings of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Form and Matter in Aristotle / The Tasks of the Michael Time. The Rosicrucian Principle of Initiation

II. The Easter Festival as a Piece of the History of the Mysteries of Mankind

The outgrowth of the festivals from the mystery system. The Adonis Mysteries. The Easter Thought / Moon Birth and Sun Birth, Stages of the Ancient Easter Initiation / The Moon Mystery. Spring and Autumn Mysteries / The Ephesian Mysteries. The Categories of Aristotle


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