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The three uppermost regions of the spirit land, the spiritual world in the narrower sense, are called the Upper Devachan or Higher Devachan. The Higher Devachan is the actual World of Reason, the World of true Intuition (→ intuition). According to Indian theosophical terminology, the Upper Devachan is also called Arupa-Devachan (from Sanskritअरूप arupa "unformed"), because this is where the still unformed germinal points of the soul, the living and the physical arise. In Christian esotericism it is also called the world of the Father God and occasionally by Rudolf Steiner the superspiritual world. This is where the I of Minerals resides.

„If one wanted to ask: Where is the I of the rock world? - one would no longer be able to find such a being forming a centre in the spiritual world. Spread everywhere as a force of the whole cosmos, the I of the minerals is to be found in the supra-spiritual world, theosophically called the higher Devachan world. In the Christian secret doctrine, the world in which the I of the animals is found, the astral world, is called the world of the Holy Spirit; the world in which the I of the plants is found, the spiritual or devachanic world, is called the world of the Son. When the seer begins to feel in this world, the "Word", the Logos, speaks to him. The world of the mineral I, the super-spiritual world, is called in the Secret Doctrine the world of the Father-Spirit.“ (Lit.:GA 100, p. 205f)

„In the upper Devachan, above the fourth stage - it is called Arupa [= formless] - , where this antimatter begins, which is called the Akasha, there the consciousness of the minerals has its seat.“ (Lit.:GA 94, p. 94)


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