Spiritual world

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The spiritual world in the broadest and most general sense includes all supersensible realms of existence that lie above the sensual-physical world and are also collectively referred to as higher worlds. This also includes the etheric world and the astral world. In the narrower and actual sense, however, the term spiritual world refers to the Devachan and in particular the Upper Devachan, where the creative sources for everything created, i.e. for everything spiritual, living and physical, originate.

Above the Devachan lie still higher realms of the world, first of all the Buddhi plane, the world of foreseeing, as the epitome of active creative life. The Nirvana plane above is the source of all active being. Here creation springs out of nothing. The spiritual essence of man, the monad, also originates from there. As a result of the Luciferic temptation in Lemurian times, the monad descended to earthly incarnation and thus man formed individual karma for the first time. Nirvana is in a certain sense the source from which individual karma originates, and it is at the same time the sink into which it disappears again and dissolves. Above the Nirvana plan lies the Parinirvana plane and the Mahaparinirvana plane.